Banda recomendada: The Bungalows

Desde Gerrigong, Australia, llega esta banda que te presentamos con un sonido bien surfer. En Surf & Rock continuamos presentándote nuevas bandas y, esta vez, llega desde Gerrigong, Australia, con un sonido bien surfer, skater. Como acostumbramos, te dejamos su presentación en inglés: The Bungalows hail from a small coastal town on the NSW south coast of Australia. The band includes the Gannon brothers, Grant and Matt and long-time friends Matt Cuneo and Joey Winkler. The outfits hometown of Gerringong has helped define their sound and resonates with the laid back attitude that washes through the groups distinct surf garage stylings. With more soul and less spin, The Bungalows are all about positive energy and good vibrations. Stay tuned for The Bungalows third album, ‘Something’s Going On’ – out April 2019. Mirá el video de “We Stole The Thunder”: Para más información de The Bungalows, visitá su Fan Page.

Fuente: Youtube

Bandas Sábado 02/02/2019